Suzanne Freid_Austin
Suzanne, Austin Men’s Counseling

Welcome! I’m a counselor in Austin, Texas. I provide individual counseling, couples counseling, and specialized services focusing on men and their concerns.

As a self-proclaimed “guys gal,” I grew up in a family owned company where I had the opportunity to interface and hone my skills working predominantly with men.

As a result, I am passionate about working with men in a solution-oriented approach and with problem solving logic.

My training and life experience will allow us to quickly uncover the challenges you’re facing, and work towards solutions that may be difficult to uncover on your own.

officeI spent 15 years in technology and management and found myself working closely with men in peer groups and at the executive level. The teamwork aspect of this career solidified my connection to men and the challenges they face in today’s competitive world. I often found that many obstacles faced in business bled into personal relationships as well.

My approach to therapy encompasses the evaluation of our beliefs and perspectives and how irrational thought processes and behaviors can create unhealthy patterns of thinking that ultimately interfere with successful navigation in life and authentic connections to others.

By identifying goals and understanding the changes you wish to incorporate into your life, we can identify areas for growth and change. I believe that the therapeutic relationship is one of the most important foundations in the practice of counseling.

Whether it’s in business or in your personal life (or both), if you are interested in exploring your life to understand who you are and who you want to become, I am interested in working with you. Call me at 512-925-4332 or send an email to

Suzanne Freid’s Qualifications:

  • BA in Psychology
  • MA in Counseling Psychology
  • Certified Mediator
  • Texas Certified Notary
  • Licensed Professional Counselor