Couples Counseling

Austin Men's Counseling

Develop strategies to help you weather life’s difficult moments, together

We will explore you and your partner’s unique situation as a couple to uncover the challenges and issues that are interfering with your relationship and develop strategies and solutions that will help you inhabit a happier and healthier relationship.

Whether you and your partner are experiencing conflict for the first time or feel like it’s a recurring theme in your relationship, you can benefit from couples counseling. 

Couples counseling can help improve all aspects of your relationship and help couples learn new ways to:

  • Improve communication 
  • Create a deeper connection
  • Minimize conflict
  • Co-parent
  • Enjoy greater physical and emotional intimacy
  • Release past hurts and betrayals so you can move forward together

My approach to couples counseling:

My approach to couples counseling is results-oriented and interactive. 

Communication is often the main presenting problem in many relationships. The way in which you, as a couple, communicate is critical in helping you deal with issues in a healthy and productive way. 

The life you have built with your partner is important, do not allow your resistance to counseling be the factor that keeps you from uncovering strategies and techniques that will help to recapture the magic.

Some areas of specialization include:

  • Premarital counseling
  • Commitment counseling
  • Empty nesters and life transitions
  • Post-divorce counseling with co-parenting
  • LGBT couples and those unique challenges

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