Is your relationships stressed due to financial concerns, children, or family and friendships? Perhaps there is work stress? Or a lack of sexual intimacy?

Exploring your unique situation as a couple will help us to identify challenges in your relationship and allow us to develop strategies and solutions for a happier and healthier relationship.

Couples counseling can help improve all aspects of your relationship:

  • Improve communication with your partner
  • Create deeper connection
  • Manage and resolved your conflicts better
  • Enjoy greater physical and emotional intimacy
  • Release past hurts and betrayals so you can move forward together

My approach to couples counseling:

Austin LGBT counselingMy approach to couples counseling is results-oriented and interactive. By actively engaging into helping couples find solutions and coaching with professional support, you can address the challenges in your relationship as quickly as possible.

Communication is often the main presenting problem in many relationships. The way in which you, as a couple, communicate is as critical as what you’re saying.

Premarital counseling in Austin

Healthy, happy relationships necessitate commitment to each other and acceptance of your partner for what and who they are…creating new ways to communicate and understanding the needs of one another can bring you to a place for a lasting and fulfilling connection.

The life you have built with your partner is important, do not allow your resistance to counseling be the factor that keeps you from uncovering strategies and techniques that will help to recapture the magic.

Some areas of specialization include:Austin counseling for couples

  • Premarital counseling
  • Commitment counseling
  • Empty nesters and life transitions
  • Post-divorce counseling with co-parenting
  • LGBT couples and unique challenges


My office has the unique benefit of a private exit within Austin Counseling Center to protect your privacy and provide added confidentiality.

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